Belinda Billinge

Foot Health Practitioner


Business Coach to Foot Health Practitioners


Health & Wellness Advocate

Belinda Is With You Every Step of The Way

Whether it is as your Foot Health Practitioner or coaching you and helping you build your own Foot Health Business, Belinda always aims to provide a first class service.

Business Coach & Mentor

Do you need to progress your foot health business to the next level?  Are you stuck and not sure where to go next?  With over 16 years of experience in the foot health industry, experience of building businesses in other industries and a background in law Belinda can help you to look at and reassess your existing business or help you get started with your new business

Foot Care

Do your feet hurt?  Are you struggling to reach your feet to take care of them.  Belinda is available to you to book for your foot care appointment. Pulling from experience of over 16 years in the industry (qualified in 2004) Belinda can help your feet feel the best that they can be.  You can be assured of high quality treatment as Belinda keeps herself up to date with ongoing continuing professional development and training

Health & Wellness

Providing premium quality CBD, Hemp and Aloe Vera Products  Belinda is able to supply you with the highest quality and extremely wide range of CBD, Hemp and Aloe Vera products.  From products for all the family including family pets.  CBD and Hemp are greatly maligned and misunderstood.  Belinda will give you the facts surrounding this plant and it’s family and provide you with the truth not myths

Options For Business, Foot Care, Health and Wellness

Belinda is here to help you whether it be in respect of your Foot Health Business, as a customer for your foot health care or purchasing health and wellness products.

Belinda is passionate in all of these areas and is ready and able to help you in whichever of these is for you.

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Belinda’s Mission

To provide the very best in everything that Belinda offers, from coaching and mentoring fellow Foot Health Practitioners, to providing top class Foot Health Care to her patients and supplying the very best in Premium CBD, Hemp and Aloe Vera Products

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