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Coaching & Mentoring

Having worked successfully as a Foot Health Practitioner since 2004 (and still currently in practice), Belinda has a wealth of knowledge and experience you can draw upon.  

Not only has Belinda built business in the Foot Health Industry she has also built successful business in other industries and therefore has a broad depth of knowledge, this is expanded further from also previously working for 22 years in law.  

CBD, Hemp & Aloe Vera

Providing premium quality CBD, Hemp and Aloe Vera Products  Belinda is able to supply you with the highest quality and extremely wide range of CBD, Hemp and Aloe Vera products for all the family including your family pets. 

CBD and Hemp are great maligned and misunderstood.  Belinda will give you the facts surrounding this plant and it’s family and provide you with the truth not myths

Considerate Foot Care

Belinda lived in and around the Faringdon area all of her life until she moved to Swindon in 2009.

Following over 22 years in the legal profession Belinda decided that she needed a change of career.

In 2002 Belinda began training in Foot Health Care with the College of Foot Health Practitioners. She qualified in 2004 attaining a Diploma in Foot Health Care from The College of Foot Health Practitioners (DipCFHP).

Belinda is trained to assess, diagnose and manage foot and lower limb related problems. She aims to provide a “Gold Standard” service to her patient and to relieve foot pain and maintain mobility for her patients.

Belinda also undertakes continuing professional development in order to keep her professional skills up-to-date and to provide the best quality service possible to her patients.

Belinda is also a Member of the Register Of Foot Health Practitioners. If you wish to check her credentials on The Register of Foot Health Practitioners you can do so at http://www.footreg.org/

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.

Kobe Bryant

Options For Business, Foot Care, Health and Wellness

Belinda is here to help you be it in your Foot Health Business, as a customer of mine for your foot health care or for health and wellness products. 

Belinda is passionate in these four areas and is ready and able to help you in whichever of these is for you. 

If you would like to know more get in touch. 

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