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Foot Health Practitioner Coaching

Having worked successfully as a Foot Health Practitioner since 2004 (and still currently in practice), Belinda has a wealth of knowledge and experience you can draw upon.

Not only has Belinda built business in the Foot Health Industry she has also built successful business in other industries and therefore has a broad depth of knowledge, this is expanded further from also previously working for 22 years in law.


Foot & Ear Care

Belinda has been a Foot Health Practitioner since 2004 undertaking her training at The College Of Foot Health Practitioenrs in Blackheath.  She has over the years gained a huge amount of experience and knowledge.  Belinda also continues to undertake ongoing continuing professional development to further enhance her skills and knowledge in the world of foot care.  She has full professional insurance and is also a member of the Register of Foot Health Practitioners.

Recently, Belinda has also trained in Ear Wax Removal with UK Microsuction.  She has been trained in three methods of Ear Wax Removal, Microsuction, Warm Water Irrigation and Manual Removal.  This allows Belinda to have a variety of options available to be able to use for successful treatment.

In her spare time Belinda loves to holiday with her partner (usually to North Wales and Cornwall). 

Belinda looks forward to meeting you and helping you to “walk on air” or hear “as clear as a bell”

Belinda is also a Member of the Register Of Foot Health Practitioners. If you wish to check her credentials on The Register of Foot Health Practitioners you can do so at http://www.footreg.org/

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